Thursday, July 25, 2013

skye | part 2.

Skye was full of sunny hikes, gorgeous views, rainy boat rides, the best food of the trip and such friendly people. We saw the same few bus drivers each day, the same waitresses in the restaurant where we ate almost all our meals, and the owners of the B&B we stayed at were the most wonderful couple to get to know.

We realized how few tourists come to Skye and use the public transportation instead of a rental car when we sat near the back of the bus that picked up children from the junior high one afternoon and watched as the social hierarchy of the bus flew into chaos as they glared at us for taking their seats. Luckily we got off two stops later, or we may have been the victims of Scottish teenage bullies. (But other than that, the people were lovely!)

When the time came we didn't want to leave, but we were completely refreshed and ready for our final week of traveling. As cheesy as it sounds, Skye fed my soul and filled me with new energy for the days ahead.

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