Monday, July 29, 2013


Returning to Galway and Spiddal, Ireland, where I lived for a semester of college, was like coming home. It was home, after all, at one point in my life. It was great to be able to show some of my favorite places to Maria and Katie, and introduce them to some people who played a large role in making my study abroad experience as wonderful as it was. 

On the bus ride back to Galway after our afternoon in Spiddal, I was overcome with major nostalgia while looking out the window as we drove along Galway bay, a view I took in countless times that semester. As happy as I was to be back for a visit, it made me miss that time in my life, and in particular the people I shared it with. The memories came back more vividly during this visit, and little things I saw reminded me of things I hadn't thought of in two years. More than anything, though, I left feeling even more grateful for the chance to spend time in this very special place. 

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