Monday, July 22, 2013

long sagrada familia.

I have been home from Europe for a month, about the same amount of time I was gone for. My days have been long, lazy summer days not particularly full of anything too urgent at the moment, but I am just now getting around to sharing more photos here. Next up, La Sagrada Familia, on our last day in Barcelona. 
La Sagrada Familia was one of those places I had heard so much about, I was worried if the actual experience would live up to my expectations. As we turned the corner and saw the line to get in wrap around the block, and then another block, I doubted whether it would be worth the wait. After all, the outside of the church is so exquisitely detailed, I figured taking that in would be enough to say that I saw it.

If any line was worth waiting in on this trip, it was this one. As I stepped inside, I literally gasped as I took in one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever been inside of. I don't know how long Maria and I sat in the chairs near the back of the cluster near the alter, across the aisle from each other, but gazing up at the beam of light shining through the roof is one of the most memorable moments for me from our whole trip. Jackhammers from the continued construction of the church's exterior competed with the organ music being played inside, but it made for a perfectly imperfect combination of peace and progress. 

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