Wednesday, May 8, 2013

lots of life.

All right, get ready for a big ol' photo dump. A lot has been happening around here, but I think these pictures tell the story best. 

It's the story of birthday celebrations, lots of brunches, too many themed parties (that's a lie, there's no such thing as too many of those), dressy events, happy hours, SNOW in April, class outside, country singers at backyard parties, simple mornings, candle lighting, Kentucky Derby-ing (it's Erin's Christmas), flowers from sweet guy friends, walks in the arboretum, scavenger hunts around town. More traditions than are barely possible to cram into a month. 

It's also the story of lasts. The last paper, and the last test. The last senate meeting, and standing in the driveway as the first friend leaves for good (cue the first of the tears). Final lunches with the greatest lunch crew, and the last day of class with the coolest classmates (seriously, how cute are those class photos outside of our building?), The last Journey Group meeting, and the last student mass (solid cry-fest). The almost-last nights on the Sal's dance floor, followed by a bonfire in the yard. The final days at this school, this house, this town. 

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