Tuesday, April 2, 2013

guatemala, part 2.

It really was travel the way travel is supposed to be, in my opinion. Going to a new place, not with a mission or ideas to change anything, but simply to live in a community and experience the beauty it has to offer. We boated across gorgeous Lake Atitlan, zip-lined over a tree-covered valley, rode precariously on the back of pick-up trucks through the winding mountain rodes, saw an erupting volcano, filled bags with dirt for the town's reforestation efforts and toured the fair-trade coffee project and women's center. We moved dirt for a water filtration system, ate beans, rice, guacamole and delicious meals, drank (what I thought was) the world's best coffee every morning and hiked high above the city at sunrise. We stood on the roof and looked at the stars, shopped in the markets and were invited into the homes of people who had so little but gave so much. I learned about myself and the people I traveled with, shared stories I hadn't shared with anyone else, and laughed and laughed. We spoke another language, shared the commonness of a smile, and were taught the intricacies of making decorations for Semana Santa. We watched solemn processions and joyful celebrations and were in awe of the skill, time and effort put into the littlest details that made the week the truest Holy Week. We slept soundly after days that felt more like weeks, and woke up ready take in the day with eyes wide open. 

I hope I'll be back someday. San Lucas is a beautiful, enlightening, very special place. 

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