Sunday, March 17, 2013

take me back.

St. Patrick's day is my personal reminder of the months I lived and learned in Ireland. As winter drags on in Minnesota, today gives me permission to look through my favorite photos of the green, rainy days of living in a cottage across the road from Galway bay. 

Today is also a reminder to keep as much of the spirit of that time alive as I can. Things like sitting at the dinner table laughing, hours after the meal is over. Soaking up the sun for the brief moments it appears. Taking time for tea and cookies in the afternoon. Dancing to live music and not caring whatsoever how silly we look. Saying yes to every potentially adventurous situation.

One of the nights I'll always remember was when we had just returned to the cottages after a weekend trip and I was so exhausted. I was almost asleep when the cottage phone rang, and through my closed door I heard one of my roommates say that there was guitar music and singing happening next door. After a moment of wondering if I really wanted to leave my warm bed, I rolled out of bed and walked through the rain to the house next door, not caring that I was still in pajamas. The room was warm and full of people - friends who had just recently been strangers. We sat on the floor and on the arms of the small couch. The fireplace was going, one of the guys was playing a guitar, and I don't remember what songs we sang along to but I remember feeling so content. 

I wouldn't have this memory if I had stayed in bed, which I think can be a lesson for these last weeks of college. Sleep is good, but so is knowing what to stay awake for. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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