Monday, March 18, 2013

snow day.

 This morning I was woken up by screams from my roommates downstairs - classes were cancelled, we had a snow day!

Entirely too excited by this surprise (we had speculated last night, but were very confident that we would have class today), I got out of bed and joined the girls for an early morning viewing of Footloose (the old version, of course). Because what else would we possibly do on a morning like this?

The rest of the day consisted of walking to the Local Blend for a chocolate chai and a goat cheese sandwich, stocking up at the co-op, napping in the afternoon, watching more movies, going on a snowshoe hike to Lake Sarah, coming home to eat freshly baked pumpkin bread with nutella, and having delicious chili for dinner (it was a very foodie day...) 

It was a wonderful, relaxing, energizing day, and it's not often I can describe a Monday that way. 
Now I'm ready for 4 more days until break, when another adventure - this time in Guatemala- will begin! 

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