Sunday, September 23, 2012

life lately.

We're over a month in to senior year. It's amazing how much we've packed into one month, and if the rest of the year continues this way it's going to be a pretty amazing time. 
The first week back was filled with being an orientation leader for a great group of first-year students. Being with them brought back so many memories of those early days of college. I can't believe how much has changed, and how much my friends and I have grown. Part of me wishes I could go back to that time when I still had so much time ahead of me here, but I am loving the sense of confidence and settledness that comes with being a senior. 
The weeks after that have been filled with settling into our little house, going up north for a school senate retreat, starting my new job on campus as an editorial assistant for the school magazine and other publications, enjoying my classes which are pretty interesting most of the time, going to football games (and getting to see my brother playing college football for the first time...for the rival team), enjoying the cooler temps, changing trees, and fun moments of fall. I'm trying my best not to let stress take over. There's too much fun to be had for that. 

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