Sunday, September 23, 2012

house tour.

Once upon a time there were five girls that lived in a little house in a little town. The place had its quirks- there were light switches that didn't work, places where the ceiling was falling down a little bit, rooms where there were two types of carpet on the same floor, and a whole lot of wood paneling- but I guess you could call it perfectly imperfect. 
I lived in this room all summer, but only now is it finally all put together- a fresh coat of paint, many nails in the wall, pictures hung, a new rug on the floor. 
My favorite part is this main wall- a collections of my favorite photos and prints, hung without worrying if it all went together. There are two photos from the day I swam in Galway Bay last December, a picture I took in Belgium, a Kelly Rae Roberts canvas, an Ireland and Minnesota watercolor from Etsy, the map art I made, my favorite photo from our sophomore year Christmas card, a postcard from Sivertson Gallery, and a painting I got in Ireland. 
I found a $3 frame a Goodwill that perfectly fit a map of Interlaken, Switzerland I saved from when I was there last fall. I loved the colors and the memories it brings up so I thought it would be perfect to hang on the wall. 
The shelves are filled with our initials and some painted bottles courtesy of my roommates. 
A strategically hung quote placed awkwardly high to cover a hole in the brick wall might be my favorite part of the living room. 
The kitchen's a little retro, but perfectly sized to fit many guests. 
Our lovely fence and bike parking lot- I'm not quite sure why we have way more bikes than people living here...
And last but not least, the lovely artwork left for us on the steps to the basement by the house's past residents. There had been some talk of painting over it, but I guess it's just too true to get rid of. We really do love college, after all. 

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