Monday, June 11, 2012

catch up.

Much has happened in the past weeks, but between moving between here and there and having sporadic internet connection, I have neglected this blog. But I'm back with a whirlwind of photos to share.
I'm incredibly excited that there's a new special place for my family to spend time together and enjoy the beauty of northern Minnesota. Visiting my grandparents' cabin and spending time with my cousins, aunts and uncles are my favorite memories of growing up. Having to say goodbye to the old cabin was sad, and this is the time of year I especially miss it. This cabin my parents bought is very different, but I know the same type of memories will be made there in the years to come. Spending Memorial Day weekend there was an exciting start to this new era and this summer. 
The next weekend was equally exciting with my brother's high school graduation. I know I will never know what it feels like to be a parent until I actually am one one day, but I have to imagine that the way I felt when seeing him graduate is pretty close. It's been incredible to watch him grow up and I'm pretty pumped we'll both be college students next year, even if at rival schools.
Also, my parents sure can throw a party. David's open house was definitely one of the most fun gatherings we've had at our house, and it was great having so many friends and family come celebrate. I've also decided that when I'm out of college and unemployed this time next year, I'll just go into business putting together graduation photo displays...
More to come soon with an update on my new home sweet home!

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