Monday, May 28, 2012

summer is here.

Even though I've been done with school for a few weeks, it feels like summer is just officially starting now. There's a lot to be done this coming week with moving out of our temporary apartment and into our new house for the summer and next school year, but once we're settled there are a ton of summery things I want to do. Here are some of them:

- finish my high school scrapbook (it's about time!)
- read at least 8 books
- bike or walk to work almost everyday
- host dinners and parties
- decorate my room at the new house
- paddleboard and canoe on Lake Sag
- make a summer minibook
- shop at the farmer's market
- buy a DSLR camera and use it!
- go to the Basilica Block Party (the lineup of bands is amazing)
- go camping
- finish and order the books I'm making with Blurb for my semester in Ireland, my Europe trip in August 2011, and our fall break in Belgium and Switzerland.- make homemade ice cream
- make a video project with all the video I took while studying abroad
- bonfire whenever possible
- make some new friends
- try at least three new recipes a week

I'm ready to get started!

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