Thursday, May 17, 2012

good-bye junior year. more academic year is complete. It's hard to remember that junior year wasn't just the last few months I had on campus, but my first semester abroad as well. It really was quite the year, and I learned a ton. Second semester was a difficult one, with the adjustment of coming back from Ireland and feeling so overwhelmed and busy compared to the lifestyle I enjoyed first semester. But it was good, and it pushed me, and I got through some weeks where I couldn't imagine it would be possible to get it all done. But it all did get done. Despite the stress of the last few weeks, working at commencement on Saturday, listening to the speeches and seeing all the graduates made me so thankful I have one more year left here.

On Friday we received an exciting email informing us that Mat Kearney wrote a song about our school after he played at the 12 Pines concert on campus. He wrote, "As we drove away from 12 Pines, the most energetic acoustic show I have ever played, I kept seeing in my mind two young people, cars packed full, pulling out of their driveways, leaving home to become a Bennie and a Johnnie for the first time. I got out a note pad and started writing their story, which of course was a love story. I recorded the song in my home the next day. I thought it would be make a nice thank you for a memorable night."

How cool is that?! We all know our school is a pretty special place, but to see that Mat enjoyed his experience here so much that he wrote a song about it is pretty amazing. And listening to the song for the first time as we packed up our apartment, filling boxes with all the memories from another great year, made me tear up just a little bit. 

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