Monday, March 12, 2012

spring break

My spring break was a mix of long car rides, pretty views, service work, meeting new friends, and sharing good meals. 
I got to see mountains, hang out in a yurt, and get to know some of the awesome people at Utah State's Center for Persons with Disabilities and Common Ground
I enjoyed two of the best skiing days I have ever experienced, shared lots of laughs over an embarrassing chair lift mishap, and got a little sunburned from the bright day. 
The trip wasn't always the smoothest (we hit a deer somewhere in South Dakota, things starting getting a little tense around hour 20 of our drive this weekend...) but I think the experience was perfectly imperfect. 
Now I'm back and a little shocked at how little of this semester is left. Two months from now we'll be done! So glad I'm not a senior or I'd be freaking out big time.

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